The organic design line TSUNAMI was born out of the cyclone Thane that hit the area in December 2011.

The cyclone took down many trees and our first work was to get all this wood collected, sent to saw mill and cut and then stored for drying. TSUNAMI design and furniture was born out of seeing all this beautiful wood – and working in the saw mill created an interest in working with the natural forms instead of cutting out straight wood. The furniture of TSUNAMI is based on trying to see the beauty of the natural wood and its shapes. We are trying to create objects of utility with respect for the wood and its beauty.

TSUNAMI has a range of designs in Organic Forms, but also furniture based on Scandinavian Design Traditions where form and function has to merge. TSUNAMI also does individual design fitting the need of the customer.

Whether you are entering a new home or are keen on remodeling the old one, it is the furniture which consumes the large portion of your investment. The investment made on the solid wood furniture is more likely to fetch you, a far better price than the original price. To top it all, the older it gets- the better it looks. All you need is furniture that strikes a balance with the interior decor theme, almost accentuating the decor, creating an aesthetic look in the aura. Solid Wood furniture would greatly serve your purpose as it has the best look and feel and is also highly long lasting. Money invested once would serve your purpose in the long run. Therefore these pieces of furniture are regarded as prized possessions for homes.

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Our motto is to demonstrate integrity and creative excellence in every exercise from conceptualization to manifest realization of the project. The group comprises of young architects and a project management team, with experience and interest in various collateral fields of architecture such as Landscape, Interior Design and Geometric approach to built form.

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